Biomet 3i (Certain) 3.4mm TriLok Titanium Analog

Biomet 3i (Certain) 3.4mm TriLok Titanium Analog


  • $13.00

Compatible with Biomet 3i (Certain) 3.4mm Implant

  • Patent pending intuitive design features for perfect dental analog use
  • Completely integrable with Stone or 3D printed model (DIM)
  • No modification and adjustment needed on 3D printed model
  • Unique 3-point locking features for total secure placement on 3D printed model
  • Manufactured in our New York Milling Center using Swiss Turning Technology
  • Anodized by size for ease of use
  • Material: Titanium
  • Triloc Implant Analog 3D Printed Model Instruction

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