Duotron Pro Zirconia Furnace (EX-7100)


  • $9,990.00

2 Hour Fast Sintering!

Compact Design
• Roomy Interior Chamber - Ø95mm x 110mm (H)
• Compact Size / Weight - 303mm(W) x 456mm (D) x 747mm (H) / 50Kg
• Stock 3 Trays - 25 units per tray

Mosi2 Heating Element
• 1900°C, Heating Element (Operating 1600°C)

Programmable Schedules
• Fully Programmable & Capable of Creating Custom Cycles for Different Material Needs
• 15 Different Schedules

Easy to Update
• Software Upgrades through USB Port
• Firing Cycle Upload / Download
• Alternate Control with USB mouse
Screen reader support enabled.

Accessories :
Sintering Tray (95x28mm)
Sintering Lid (95x20mm)
Cooling Station (100x320x30mm)
Zirconia Beads (2mm)

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